Company Background

Professional Interpreting offers verbal interpreting services to insurance companies, hospitals and clinics as well as law offices and businesses covering all the languages currently used by the diverse populations of the Midwest as well as those used in international business. The interpreters represented by Professional Interpreting are screened through a multilingual interview process and required to attend training through Professional Interpreting or other accredited training programs depending on their individual experience. We take pride in the quality of our interpreters and our prompt, professional service.

Professional Interpreting was established in October 1, 1997, as an offshoot of International Language Services, Inc., a foreign language translation/interpreting service since 1982. ILS, with a focus on providing quality service and personal attention to their clients, had experienced exponential growth as a result of a booming economy, new European Community regulations requiring document translation.

ILS made the decision to separate in April of 1997 in order to focus its resources and provide more personalized service to clients of both departments. The split allowed coordinators in the interpreting department to direct their attention to recruiting the highest quality interpreters, developing a screening and training process for new interpreters and a system to provide consistent and on-time service to our verbal interpreting clients. We work with our clients to determine their needs, schedule appointments, screen and assign interpreters based on the expertise required.

The interpreting department, now officially Professional Interpreting, is expanding services throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa, with an emphasis on providing on-site verbal interpreting for medical, legal and business appointments.

Greg Toltzman, who was with International Language Services, Inc. from April 1992 through September 1997, is now the owner of Professional Interpreting. He worked closely with ILS, to insure a smooth transition and a continuation of high quality services. He has continued using the same professional interpreters, improving the procedures used at ILS as well as developing resources and strategies to better serve individual clients. He has an extensive background in business management and performs the primary tasks of scheduling, developing resources and communicating with clients.